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New Pre-Dampener for Pre-Mixed Materials

The new Pre-dampener with collapsible main auger for underground mines and tunnels handles most pre-blended materials that may need to be pre-dampened which assists with dust control. Other benefits include:

  • Moisture content is precisely controlled by engineered spray jets
  • Quick release of rubber troughs allows instant access to augers for easy cleaning
  • Available in electric 415V or air operated
  • Can also be used as a conveyor of material to open top rotary guns (such as Reed) and mixers.

Features of the new pre-dampener include:

  • Precise water / material ratios
  • Handles all kinds of dry and pre-mixed materials
  • Handles up to 1/2" (12mm) aggregates
  • Output capacity up to 215kgs per minute (13 tonnes per hour)
  • Complete with water meter assembly
  • One-man operation, easy to clean, no waste
New Pre-Dampener for Pre-Mixed Materials

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