CD Machines

HBS capacitor discharge power units provide outstanding reductions in costs and time. Every weld is precise avoiding any need for costly machining. The recipe for success: Extremely short welding time! (1 to 3 msec). No additional welding products are needed.


Especially suitable for thin metal sheets from 0.5mm, HBS CD machines are extremely east to operate, are compact and robust.  The HBS CD welder inverter range are now 20% lighter than their predecessors and offer higher weld rates for increased productivity and less power consumption therefore leading to cost savings.


There are two process variants:

















There are a variety of machines to suit any requirement. Choose from machines with digital display or with wide range power supply:


  • CDi1502 with digital display (1,600Ws)
  • CDi2302 with digital display (2,400Ws)
  • CDi31021 with digital display (3,200Ws)
  • CDM2401 with wide range power supply (2,400Ws)
  • CDM3201 with wide range power supply (3,200Ws)


For more information on each of the models available download the spec sheet or contact us.

CD Machines

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