Automation Stud Welding

Antec offers a range of automated stud welding machines from HBS that provide both cost and labour efficiencies.


The increased working range of automated stud welding machines means that three of four welding heads have access to the entire working range (no loss of coverage).  Additionally the machines are easy to program  through a user operated program editor, feature a higher traverse speed and higher welding sequence.


HBS Automated stud welding machines offer:


  • Highest productivity and best economic efficiency
  • Easiest programming to DIN ISO 66025
  • Accurate and fast positioning to different levels by servomotor driven Z-axis
  • Optional with four welding heads and up to 12 stud length
  • Highest traverse speed through servo drive technique
  • Perfect positioning accuracy through servomotor driven axes
  • Very high welding rates



Choose from the MPW1010 or MPW2010 for a welding capacity of up to 40 studs per minute, automated stud feeding and a traverse speed of up to 60 m / min.  For more information download the product brochure.



Automation Stud Welding

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