Arc Short Cycle Stud Welding

The drawn arc stud welding process is mostly used for stud diameters of 3 to 25mm and a welding time of 100 to 1,500 ms.


Drawn arc stud welding with ceramic ferrule is recommended for studs with a diameter of more than 12mm. If it is required to protect the weld pool for atmosphere, shielding gas should be used. This process variant is also used with automated applications.


The process involves a welding stud being lifted and a secondary arc (pilot arc) of low current ignited between the stud tip and work piece. The ignition of the main arc is then carried out. Stud and work piece are melted. The stud is moved to the work piece, the two molten zones join. Finally, the molten areas solidify and an even joint is a achieved with a strength which is above the strength of stud and base material.


Ideal for use in steel construction, engineering construction, shipbuilding industry, vehicle construction, structural and civil engineering.


For more information on arc short cycle stud welding please download the product brochure.

Arc Short Cycle Stud Welding

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