Clever & Co Dry Shotcrete Machines

Clever & Co Dry Shotcrete machines have an intelligent SBS control chamber system that allows the user to easily and reliably produce top quality shotcrete even in the toughest of conditions. Lots of small pockets load the air flow with small even portions of spraying material in the feed chamber and a constant flow of air ensure thin-flow conveying with a pulsation-free, even material flow to the nozzle tip.

The electro-hydraulic drive in the spraying machine guarantees stepless adjustment of the material quantity by altering the speed of the pocket wheel. The allocator unit responsible for loading the feed chamber seals the pressurised part of the machine reliably, ensuring that the machine works in an absolutely dust free manner.

Features include:

  • Low-rebound shotcrete processing by means of even delivery flow
  • Dust free machine operation
  • Conveying distances up to 1,500m, conveying heights up to 150m
  • Low wear costs due to cooling and lubrication of the wear parts
  • Sturdy design and long service life
Clever & Co Dry Shotcrete Machines

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