KBS Sealbags

KBS Sealbags are expanding pillows for through-penetration fire stops.


KBS Sealbags - unique fire pillows - are ideal penetration seals where changes such as retrofitting of cables or metal pipes are the rule rather than the exception. They are quickly and easily installed in minutes.


KBS Sealbags special feature is their 3-phase reaction in fire:


  1. At approximately 130oC the various components of the bag start to stick together, preventing the content from running out in case the bag is damaged;
  2. At approximately 280oC the content begins to expand at a ratio of 15-40% by volume;
  3. At approximately 800oC a "ceramic reaction" causes the content to harden into a solid block.


KBS Sealbags are totally water and weather resistant, losing none of their properties even after months of immersion in water. KBS Sealbags pay for themselves where retrofitting is frequent.


KBS Sealbags have been tested to international standards and have ratings of up to 240 minutes.

KBS Sealbags

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