KBS Mortar Seal

KBS Mortar is a dry mortar mix with controlled swelling effect to provide a non-shrinking, homogeneous and smoke gas-tight fire seal for cables and utility penetrations in walls and floors.


KBS Mortar expands while it sets (up to 3%) ensuring a tight and crack free seal.


KBS Mortar does not run or sag, allowing easy build-up of material inside a wall opening, hence usually a shuttering is necessary on one side only.


The low compressive strength of KBS Mortar allows an easy retrofitting of cables and other utilities. The extraordinary yield of KBS Mortar leads to high economic efficiency of such penetration seals. 1kg KBS Mortar mixed with water yields to approximately 1.5 litres volume.


KBS Mortar has been tested to international standards and carries ratings from 60 to 240 minutes.

KBS Mortar Seal

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