KBS Coating

KBS Cable Coating is a water based ablative (non-intumescent) fire protective cable coating that is a tough, flexible, water and weather resistant that has been used worldwide since 1967 for interior and exterior applications.


Exposed to fire an endothermic reaction occurs. The KBS cable coating contains substances which alter chemically and physically under heat influence. This process results in a cooling effect for the coated cables. Additionally incombustible gaseous substances are generated thus producing a strong flame retardant effect.


KBS Coating prevents flame spread along vertical or horizontal cables and prolongs circuit integrity without affecting the current carrying capacity.


KBS Coating has a LOI of 100 and is resistant to water, weathering, UV-radiation and ageing proven by a twenty-five years outdoor test.


Additionally KBS Coating has a high resistance to a lot of chemicals industrially used such as detergents, solvents, lubricants, etc.


KBS Coating is compatible with cable sheets and due to its excellent mechanical properties does not impair the flexibility of cables. Also available in a brushable version (KBS Coating Brushable).


KBS Coating has successfully been tested to different standards, e.g. DIN 4102, IEC332-3, BS476, FM3971 and ASTM D 2863.

KBS Coating

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