Intermediate Dust Extractor

Built to withstand harsh and demanding environments the Intermediate Dust Extractor is designed to extract and collect fine cement dust particles.

Reduces waste through increased visibility of content levels and helps comply with OH&S requirements for dust reduced environments (especially confined spaces).

Features include:

  • Turbo Series Super Duty Cartridge Filter
  • Heavy duty quick release lid for easy filter removal
  • Cylindrical collection centre, complete with integral reuse access panel
  • 20 litre collection capacity
  • High efficiency, mild pressure, curved tip centrifugal fan with self cleaning action
  • Rightly sealed lid that can be removed for further cleaning
  • Pipe connectors and fittings
  • Skid mounting for portability

Available in 2 options:

  1. Air driven unit - 6hp, pneumatic valve type. Airmeter is complete with silencer and service kit
  2. Electric driven unit - 2hp electric motor has 240V, 10amp, single phase dual capacitor and 5 metres of cable

Dust Hood Attachment designed to suit all gunite and dry shotcrete machines also available.

Intermediate Dust Extractor

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