Advanced Dust Extractor

This large volume, high end extractor has been designed to extract and collect fine cement dust particles. Not only does this assist in complying with OH&S requirements for dust reduced environments but it also reduces waste through increased visibility of content levels. Built to withstand harsh and demanding environments, the features of the extractor include:

  • 1235 mm x 1076 mm x 2210 mm high - including top fan
  • 20 Litre waste bin
  • 20 Snaptex antistatic filter bags encased in individual galvanised cages minimising wear
  • Snaptex filter bag system with reverse pulse cleaning for auto self-cleaning
  • Centre pre-separation Chamber for protection of the unit against larger dust particles
  • 100mm anti-static, tough line ducting
  • Tool free maintenance of filter bags and galvanised cages
  • Pipe connectors & fittings
  • Skid mounted for portability

  • Available in 2 options:
  1. Air driven unit - 6hp, pneumatic valve type. Airmeter is complete with silencer and service kit
  2. Electric driven unit - 2hp electric motor has 240V, 10Aamp, single phase dual capacitor and 5 metres of cable

  • Dust Hood Attachment designed to suite all gunite & dry-shotcrete machines also available.
Advanced Dust Extractor

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