Pre-Dampener for Pre-Mixed Materials

Antec's Pre-dampener for pre-mixed materials handles most pre-blended materials that may need to be pre-dampened which assists with dust control.  The collapsible main auger is ideal for use in underground mines and tunnels.


The moisture content is precisely controlled by engineered spray jets and the quick release of rubber troughs allows instant access to augers for easy cleaning.  Available in electric 415V or air operated the unit can also be used as a conveyor of material to open top rotary guns (such as Reed) and mixers.


Standard features include:


  • Precise water / material ratios
  • Handles all kids of dry and pre-mixed materials
  • Handles up to 1/2" (12mm) aggregates
  • Output capacity up to 215kgs per minute (13 tonnes per hour)
  • Complete with water meter assembly
  • One-man operation, easy to clean, no waste


For more information download the specification sheet or contact us.

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