B50 Hybrid Concrete Mixer and Pump

The B50 Hybrid Concrete Mixer and Pump is a combined mixing and concrete pumping unit that has been specifically designed for use in underground applications.


Traditional concreting in underground areas required the use of a wet pre-mix material however issues with quality and product use by dates can affect the finished result.  The design of the B50 Hybrid pump ensures the quality control of material with wet application using bulk dry material that can be delivered, stored and used as required.  The result is low dust due to wet application and improved quality and reliability.


The B50 Hybrid uses hydraulic power from a coal tram or Eimco unit to power the mixer and pump.  It offers increased productivity of 5 tonne per hour vs. 0.8 tonne per hour for dry shotcrete, thereby reducing labour costs and increasing re-entry to mine areas.  Importantly hydraulic power means no electrical issues for environments where intrinsically safe power is required.


For more information please download the specification sheet or contact us.

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