Reinforcing Fibres

Antec offers a range of Melt Extract (ME) reinforcing fibres for standard industrial use through to specialty applications such as extreme temperature, high corrosion or niche industry requirements. These include refractory applications, defence, automotive and marine. Antec is the exclusive distributor of the Fibretech premium ME fibre range in Australia and also offers a standard range of fibres sourced to internationally recognised ASTM specifications.

Fibretech is one of the world leaders in reinforcing fibres and has manufactured amorphous, semi-amorphous and fine-crystalline fibres in a wide range of alloys and sizes for over 25 years.

  • Extensive range of products in standard 10kg packs
  • Custom pack sizes from 1kg through to 25kg bags available on request
  • High stock levels on hand for fast turnarounds and delivery
  • Range of stainless steel and nickel alloys in stock and ready to go including alloy 304, 446, 310
  • A wide range of specialist alloys is available against order such as high temperature grades Fibrex HT Metalix

Antec also offers a range of monofilament and fibrillated fibres for the rapid release of moisture when firing refractory castables and gunmixes. POLYPORE fibres from Fibretech are now widely used in the refractory market. POLYPORE speeds the removal of excess moisture during the initial firing phase. By creating microscopic capillary canals POLYPORE quickens the release of the free excess water, as vapour, out of the refractory, thereby minimising thermal stress damage and firing time.

  • Low dosage levels safeguard against explosive failures, premature cracking and costly repairs
  • Range of products in standard 0.5kg packs
  • High stock levels on hand for fast turnarounds and delivery
Reinforcing Fibres

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