Dust Extractors

Dust management has become a critical OH&S issue which cannot be ignored.


With new National OH&S standards being introduced and a greater level of "duty of care" for management and Work Safe inspections becoming tougher, dust management has become a critical issue.


Antec Engineering has developed a series of dust extractor systems designed to fit over the top of an open hopper and collect fine cement dust particles. What makes the Antec Dust Extractors stand out from the competition is that the dust hood attachment does not obscure the view into the hopper. This means:


  • Less wastage through over filling the hopper (the level is always visible)
  • Less stoppages as the visibility of the hopper means a more consistent flow of materials is possible


Additionally, Kasco helmets are ideal for protection against dust and asbestos and shotcrete work in mines, buildings and bridges.

Dust Extractors

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